Many Ways to Support Your Industry

Whether you're making a quick and easy donation today or joining the Legacy Society, we welcome your support. Learn more about your donation options below. You can donate:

Donate Now

Make a one-time donation or consider a monthly recurring donation by credit card to help support scholarships and grants for CMAA members. Donate online or text CLUBS to 41444.

Donate by Mail

You can send us a check with your contribution by simply mailing your donation to:
The Club Foundation
1733 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Donate Stocks or Securities

Why make a gift of stocks or securities?

  • You can give more: You can avoid the capital gains tax you would incur from liquidating the stock. And, get a bigger tax deduction for your contributions, passing the dollars along to The Club Foundation instead of the IRS.
  • It’s easy to give stocks and securities online: Get started, by answering some basic questions, and we’ll take care of the rest. And there is no fee from us!
  • Or, if you’d prefer to take care of it manually, fill out this Securities Transfer Form and give it to your broker.

Donate Later: Join the Legacy Society

  • Wills/Bequests: consider adding The Club Foundation as one of the beneficiaries in your will. Once you add The Foundation as a beneficiary, simply complete the Bequest Form and send it to us at The commitment is revocable, should you choose to change your beneficiaries at a later date and it is a gift we don’t anticipate receiving for a long, long time into the future. In the meantime, we will list you as a member donor in our Legacy Society.
  • IRA: donate from your IRA and avoid paying taxes (a tax break made permanent by Congress in 2015). Talk with your financial advisor for additional details.
  • Life Insurance: name The Club Foundation as a beneficiary of your existing policy, transfer ownership of an existing policy to The Foundation, or take out a new policy in our name. Talk to your financial advisor for additional details. Be sure to let us know.
  • Trusts: donate or designate from your revocable living trust or charitable remainder trust. There can be advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to talk with your financial advisor about the details. Be sure to let us know.