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Willmoore h. kendall Scholarship

Willmoore H. Kendall Scholarship Application
Due October 1 to Chapter
Due November 1 to The Club Foundation

Congratulations to the following Willmoore H. Kendall Scholarship recipients who have earned their Certified Club Manager (CCM) designations!

Jaime Barta, CCM
Carlos Cook, CCM
John Corey, CCM
Lisa Culbreath, CCM
Maria Domann, CCM
Bryan Fisher, CCM
Lloyd Gillespie, CCM
Wiley Haab, CCM
Treena Norwood, CCM
Josh Paris, CCM
Karen Peterson, CCM
Ziv Scherman, CCM
Caroline Sitzer, CCM
Michael Smith, CCM
Kelley Williams, CCM
Christopher Ferris, CCM
Sally Becker, CCM
Beth Gostisha, CCM
Robert Parody, CCM
Michael Redmond, CCM
Bradley Ladik, CCM

The Club Foundation

The Club Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization was established by CMAA in 1988 to raise funds to financially support the professional development of club managers through education, training and research initiatives. In 2001, the Willmoore H. Kendall Scholarship Fund was established in memory of CMAA Past President Mr. Bill Kendall. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide tuition support to assistant club managers interested in pursuing the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation.

Scholarship Awards

The Club Foundation will award scholarships annually, based on the availability of funds and merit of application. In order to help recipients meet certification requirements and prepare them for the CCM exam, each scholarship will include the tuition fees (except travel expenses) associated with the following programs:
• BMI Club Management;
• BMI Leadership Principles;
• BMI General Manager/Chief Operating Officer;
• BMI Food & Beverage OR BMI Golf Management;
• BMI Certification Review Course (including Study Guide); and
• CCM Exam Fees

Who Should Apply?

Qualified applicants must be:
• a member of CMAA;
• an assistant manager;
• committed to a career in the club industry;
• actively pursuing the CCM designation;
• have at least one BMI course remaining to complete; and
• nominated for the scholarship by their CMAA chapter.

Evaluation of Applicants

Scholarship awards will be granted based on recommendations made by The Club Foundation Allocation Committee and approved by The Club Foundation Board of Governors.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:
• Management Experience (Note: internships are not calculated as part of this score)
• CMAA Chapter and Community Activities
• Quality of your essay
• General Manager Letter of Recommendation
• Club Member Letter of Recommendation
• Overall Quality

2016 Scholarship Recipients