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The Club Foundation would like to thank the following individuals for their FY2017 donations, in the amount of $250 or greater:

Dennis Ahearn, CCM, Hyde Park
Lawrence “Skip” Avery, CCM, CCE, CHAMBERS, CF Governor
Mark Bado, MCM, CCE, Myers Park Country Club, CMAA Director
Frank Cordeiro, CCM, Diablo Country Club, CMAA Director
Bobby Crifasi, CCM, CCE, New Orleans Country Club, Vice President CMAA Board of Directors and Governor
Eric Dietz, CCM, CCE, PGA, Mountain Lake, CMAA Director
Larry Dornisch, Muirfield Village Golf Club
J.G. Ted Gillary, CCM, CCE, Detroit Athletic Club, CF Governor
Kevin Holleran, CEO, Textron, CF Governor
Jim James, CCM, Augusta National, Chairman, Club Foundation Board of Governors
Robert James, CCM, CCE, CHE, Westchester Country Club, President CMAA Board of Directors and CF Governor
William L. Johnson, CCM, CCE, San Gabriel Country Club
Jason Koenigsfeld, PhD, CHE, Club Foundation Board of Governors, CMAA SVP, Professional Development
Brian Kroh, CCM, John’s Island Club, CMAA Director
William Langley, CCM, Quail Ridge Country Club, CMAA Director
Joseph P. LaRocca, The Lake Club
Nicholas LaRocca, Muirfield Village Golf Club, Secretary, Club Foundation Board of Governors
Richard L. LaRocca, CCM, CCE, The Country Club of Orlando
Pasquale J. LaRocca, CCM, CCE, Retired
Jeffery McFadden, CCM, CCE, Union League of Philadelphia
Joe Mendez, CCM, CCE, Radley Run Country Club, CMAA Director
Timothy Minahan, CCM, CCE, Country Club of Buffalo, CF Governor
Donna Otis, CCM, Lake Merced Golf Club, CF Governor
Jill Philmon, CCM, CCE, Ballantyne Country Club, Immediate Past President CMAA Board of Directors and CF Governor
Mitchell Platt, MCM, CCE, Cosmos Club, CMAA Director
Randy Ruder, CCM, CCE, Beach Point Club, Secretary-Treasurer CMAA Board of Directors and CF Governor
Susan Schenkel, CCM, CCE, Woodstock Club
Michael Seabrook, CCM, CCE, Belle Meade Country Club, CMAA Director
Barry Symons, JONAS Software, Treasurer, Club Foundation Board of Governors
Christina Toups, CCM, CCE, Ridglea Country Club, CMAA Director
Terra S. H. Waldron, CCM, CCE, Desert Highlands Association, CF Governor
Burt Ward, CCM, CCE, Century Country Club, Vice-Chairman, Club Foundation Board of Governors
Carrie Wosicki, MBA, Club Foundation Director of Development

This list represents nearly 100% participation from CMAA leadership and The Club Foundation Board of Governors.

The Club Foundation would like to thank the following Chapters for their
FY2017 donations:

Florida Chapter
Metropolitan Chapter
New England Chapter
Philadelphia & Vicinity Chapter
St. Louis District Chapter

The Club Foundation would like to thank the entire CMAA Staff for their generous contributions:

Executive Management
Jeff Morgan, FASAE, CAE, Chief Executive Officer  

Membership & Communications
Kim Pasquale, Senior Vice President, Member Engagement
Melissa Low, Senior Director, Communications & Advocacy
Erica Benjamin, Director, Member & Chapter Relations
Fay Gallagher Christenson, CMP, DES, Director, Meetings & Logistics   
Karen Woodie, Director, Membership Administration 
Michele Gyuras, Manager, Member Solutions
Kyle Jennings, Associate Editor & Communications Manager
Roy Quini, Manager, Design & Production

Sara Thom, Manager, Member Communities
Marisa Reilly, Member Services Coordinator   

Education & Professional Development
Jason Koenigsfeld, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Professional Development
David McCabe, Senior Director, Education
Sarah Bal, Director, Virtual Education & Research Initiatives
Amilcar Davy, Manager, Research Initiatives
Joe Patrick, Director, Campus-based Programs 
Brian Watkins, Manager, Certification & Education 

Business Development
Seth Gregg, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Nichole Rhodes, Director, Corporate Engagement
Kelly Jo Springirth, Director, Exhibit Services
Bob Gould, CMAA Club Resources
Carrie Wosicki, MBA, Director, Development, Club Foundation
Alexa Levendis, Coordinator, Service & Support

Information Technology
Chris Velo, Senior Director, Technology Operations
Chris Slatt, Systems Developer 
Will Flourance, Web Design/Developer 

Margaret Meleney, Chief Financial Officer
Michael Mensah, Director, Finance
Pam Barrett, Coordinator, Accounting Services


Donor Privacy Policy

The Club Foundation is committed to respecting the privacy of our donors. As required by law, we maintain records of donor contact information and contribution level on file. The Club Foundation does not sell, trade or rent names, mail or e-mail addresses, or telephone numbers of our donors. We will list your name as a contributor with our other donors on our website and in printed marketing materials but will remove your name from the list at any time at your request.